The National Center for Developmental Education offers the following publications that inform practitioners and researchers in the field of developmental education and learning assistance:

Subscription Based Publications

Journal of Developmental Education (JDE)

The Journal of Developmental Education (JDE) is published for YOU - the developmental educator seeking avenues to expand your professional knowledge and expertise in the field. Please visit the JDE page.

Research in Developmental Education (RiDE)

Research in Developmental Education (RiDE) is a research-based publication designed to review and analyze current developmental education practices or report on current research literature and studies. Please visit the RiDE page.

Outstanding Articles

Vol 36, Issue 1 - (Fall 2012) Goudas & Boylan-Addressing Flawed Research in Developmental Education

Vol 37, Issue 3 - (Spring 2014) Saxon and Morante - Effective Student Assessment and Placement

Vol 38, Issue 2 - (Winter 2015) Armstrong, Stahl, and Kantner-Investigating Academic Literacy Expectations: 

Vol 39, Issue 2 - (Winter 2016) Acceleration and Compression in Developmental Mathematics: Faculty Viewpoints