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Provides instruction, training programs, research, and other services consistent with the purpose of developmental education and the missions of Appalachian State University and the Reich College of Education. These services are provided to a national audience of professionals dedicated to serving underprepared, low-income, and first generation college students.

What is Developmental Education?  The field of developmental education supports the academic and personal growth of underprepared college students through instruction, counseling, advising, and tutoring. The clients of developmental education programs are traditional and nontraditional students who have been assessed as needing to develop their skills in order to be successful in college.

"Developmental education is the integration of academic courses and support services guided by the principles of adult learning and development." (Boylan, 1999)


The National Center for Developmental Education is very happy to welcome our new Interim Director- Dr. Patti Levine-Brown. 

Dr. Levine Brown joined the faculty of Appalachian State University's Higher Education Graduate Program from Florida State College at Jacksonville. Presently, she serves as the Interim Director of the National Center for Developmental Education, as well as an assistant professor in the Department of Leadership and Educational Studies, teaching graduate courses in the Adult and Developmental Education and College and University Leadership concentrations. A graduate of the Community College Leadership Program at the University of Texas – Austin, Patti is a former reporter, English and reading instructor, political activist, and project administrator. She is also the Past President of the Florida College Reading Council, former board member of the Florida Developmental Education Association, and a Past President of the National Organization for Student Success (formerly NADE). Patti is a graduate of the Kellogg Institute through which she also became a certified developmental educator. She has worked with the NCDE as a Kellogg Institute presenter and as a consultant to community colleges. Additionally, she has published numerous articles and supplementary texts related to the field of developmental education.

NCDE Vision & Mission Statement

Vision Statement

The National Center for Developmental Education develops and expands the knowledge and tools employed by postsecondary professionals in order to create inclusive access for students in higher education who are underprepared, underrepresented, learning disabled, and marginalized.

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