Graduate Programs in Higher Education

Established in 1969, Appalachian State University's graduate program in developmental education was the first in the nation. Under the auspices of the Department of Leadership and Educational Studies, the program offers degrees in higher education with a concentration in adult and developmental education at the M.A. and Ed.S. levels.

The M.A. degree prepares students to serve as instructors of developmental courses or as advisors/counselors or learning specialists in learning assistance programs. At the M.A. level, specialty area studies are available in reading, English, mathematics, counseling, or administration.

The Ed.S. program prepares students to serve as program administrators or lead instructors in developmental education and learning assistance programs. At the Ed.S. level, specialty area studies are available in instruction, counseling, or administration.

The M.A. program requires 36 semester hours of study. The Ed.S. program requires 30 semester hours of study. Up to 14 hours of credit towards these degrees may be obtained through the Kellogg Institute for the Training and Certification of Developmental Educators. An additional 6 hours of credit through distance learning courses is available to Kellogg Institute participants.

The program is coordinated by Dr. Hunter R. Boylan. Program faculty include Drs. Hunter BoylanAndrew KoricichPatti Levine-BrownVachel Miller, Stacey Garrett, and Dr. Krista Terry. Further information regarding the graduate program may be obtained by contacting Dr. Hunter R. Boylan,

For more information see the RCOE Graduate Program in Higher Education Website.

Specialized Training Programs

In addition to the graduate programs in higher education and the Kellogg Institute, the NCDE also provides specialized workshops and training sessions on a contract or fee basis. The content of these sessions is designed according to the professional development needs of a particular audience. Examples of such sessions conducted recently include:

A series of workshops on student assessment for the National Council of Educational Opportunity Associations;pre and post-conference institutes on research, evaluation, instructional development, and learning styles for a variety of professional associations;on-site workshops on a variety of topics in developmental education for college and university faculty and staff; andweekend workshops on program evaluation for the North Carolina Department of Community Colleges.

Fees and expenses for the provision of such training are negotiated individually. For further information regarding workshops and training sessions contact Dr. Hunter R. Boylan at 828-262-6100.

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