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-Online Learning for Non-Traditional Students

-"The Perfect Storm" of Policy Issues and its Impact on Developmental Education

-College Completion: Focus on the Finish Line

-'Developmental Education Reform Movement and Self-Fulfilling Prophecy'.

-NCDE - NADE Principles for Implementing State Wide Innovations in Developmental Education

-Remediation: Reports of Its Failure Are Greatly Exaggerated

-The Importance of Developmental Education in Rural Communities

-Boredom: That Which Shall not be Named

-Acceleration and Compression in Developmental Mathematics: Faculty Viewpoints

-Investigating Academic Literacy Expectations: A Curriculum Audit Model

-Effective Student Assessment and Placement

-Addressing Flawed Research in Developmental Education

-Cost of developmental education: An update of Breneman and Haarlow

-Developmental mathematics: Challenges, promising practices, and recent initiatives

-Ideas for practice: A collaborative look to the classroom

-Is a writing sample necessary for "accurate placement"?

-Affective assessment for developmental students, part 1

-Affective assessment for developmental students, part 2

-Reading and learning strategies: Recommendations for the 21st century

-Principles for effective teaching in developmental education 


Recommended Research

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