Attaining Excellence in Developmental Education

 research-based recommendations for administrators hunter r boylan and d. patrick saxon


Attaining Excellence in Developmental Education: Research-Based Recommendations for Administrators

By Hunter R. Boylan, Ph.D. and D. Patrick Saxon, Ed.D.

Applying lessons learned from years of studying research and best practices in developmental education at high performing institutions, Attaining Excellence is designed to provide recommendations to administrators that will contribute to excellence in the developmental education classroom.

It is organized into two sections. One section recommends actions that cost little or nothing to implement. The other section recommends actions that involve the expenditure of resources and provides justification for doing so.

Appendices are provided which include noncognitive assessment instruments, recommended readings for developmental educators, and a checklist for administrators to use in determining the extent to which they have made decisions and assigned the resources necessary for excellence in developmental education.

Attaining Excellence is published by DevEd Press, National Center for Developmental Education, Boone, NC.

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