Dr. Hunter Boylan on "Knee-Jerk Reforms on Remediation"

In an essay in the June 19, 2012 issue of Inside Higher Ed ("Knee-Jerk Reforms on Remediation," by Hunter R. Boylan and Alexandros Goudas), NCDE Director Dr. Hunter R. Boylan responded to Complete College America's conclusion that remediation is ineffective and thus should be eliminated. According to Boylan, "The news media, policy makers and various higher education agencies are using flawed interpretations of data about remediation to make unsupported assertions and repeat them frequently; thus leading to erroneous policy decisions."  

Boylan cites several studies on the efficacy of remediation whose findings have been misinterpreted, inappropriately generalized, or ignored to support policies that would see remedial courses eliminated or severely reduced. The conclusions drawn by CCA and others, says Boylan, should not be used to justify the elimination of remediation. Instead,  Boylan advocates for informed policymaking guided by sound data. "There are many tools validated by varying amounts of research available to address the needs of underprepared college students through improved remedial courses and a variety of separate or embedded support services."