Andrew Koricich and Hunter R. Boylan published "The Importance of Developmental Education in Rural Communities"

Andrew Koricich and Hunter R. Boylan author this paper describing the need for developmental education services and research at rural colleges.



American colleges have employed some degree of remedial education since their earliest days. In recent decades, the body of research on remedial or developmental education has expanded considerably, but the literature about developmental education in rural communities remains quite sparse. This paper examines this topic and asserts the importance of these learning opportunities in rural areas. A brief history of education in rural communities is presented, followed by an examination of current research on developmental education in these places and an exploration of the value developmental programs can have for education and training, employment and economic development, and personal health in rural communities. What becomes evident is that there are limited data available to study developmental education in rural communities, particularly outside of formal degree programs, and this, in turn, greatly limits the ability to conduct robust and impactful research. The paper concludes with key considerations regarding policy, research, and practice for those wishing to improve developmental education in rural communities.


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