Kellogg Institute 2017 Seminar Descriptions

Below are descriptions for the 2-week Kellogg Institute for 2017:


Week 1:  Strategic Initiatives in Developmental Education

Focuses on strategies for success in the classroom.  Seminars will include:  Innovations and Change; a panel of former NADE President's discussing change across the country; Adult learning and Developmental Theory; The ThinkWell/LearnWell Project;  and Self-Defense in the media. 

Week 2:  New approaches for Developmental Education

Addresses models to incorporate new ideas for classroom success.  Seminars will include:  Implementing Acceleration Models; Technology tools; and Post-secondary educational issues across the United States.


Following the summer residency, participants return to their home campuses with an option to implement a program development project to receive graduate credit and certification. The project should be based upon knowledge and skills acquired at the Institute and designed to benefit the participant's institution. Implementation of the Campus Innovation Project comprises the project portion of the Institute. Successful completion of the residency and the project leads to certification as a Developmental Education Specialist.

*subject to change