Kellogg Institute - Suggested Funding Sources

Scholarships and Grants

CENGAGE Learning Scholarship ($2500)

This scholarship is for English Adjunct Instructors/Professors and IRW Instructors 

Scholarship Information

Scholarship Application

Deadline for application is January 15, 2020 at midnight.

-CRLA Professional Development Scholarship ($1000)

Please visit CRLA for information on this scholarship

-Kellogg Institute-NOSS scholarship ($500 Institute Fee Waiver)

Please visit the NOSS Awards page for more information 

-McGraw-Hill Developmental English/Reading Scholarship ($3850)

Scholarship Information

Scholarship Application 

Deadline for application is January 15, 2020 at midnight.

-NCLCA Professional Development Grant ($250-$1000)

Awarded to members of NCLCA to assist in research, leadership, and/or curriculum innovation. 


Specific State Awards

For information, contact your state chapter president-

Alabama Association for Developmental Education - ALADE ($300) 

Arkansas Association for Developmental Education - ARKADE.

Developmental Education Association of Maryland -DEAM (Only DEAM members may apply) (Awarded every other year.)

New York College Learning Skills Association Professional Development Award- NYCLSA ($500)

North Carolina Organization for Student Success - NCOSS ($750) 

Also, Tier A Staff Development monies for Community College personnel (ask in the fall and spring)

Texas Association for Developmental Education - TADE (up to $500). 

Pennsylvania Association for Developmental Education - PADE


Alternate Sources

Deans' (academic/student support) discretionary funds

President's discretionary funds

Professional development resources

Designated Fellowships

Summer Professional Grants

Professional development stipends

General Grants (monies not spent by ending date)

Institutional Grants which could relate to the various seminar topics

(Assessment, Teaching/Learning, Student Support, Evaluation and Outcomes Assessment)

Departmental monies for faculty/staff
State Higher Education Coordinating Boards
Other local foundations
Please search Foundation Center's website for foundations which grant monies for professional development.

For assistance: A suggested rationale for funding could read:

"The Campus Innovation Project (CIP) will impact the institution through: (i.e. improved retention methods, the development of a program evaluation model, increased knowledge of assessment and placement, improved tutor training techniques, the implementation of Supplemental Instruction, etc.)"

A justification would indicate that the expenses for attending the Kellogg Institute would be more economical than a conference because of the extensive amount of content covered, graduate credit may be awarded, an applied practicum project is developed to benefit the participant's institution, research and publication is encouraged, and a comprehensive network of developmental education professionals is developed. Funds from either fiscal year can be used.