Advanced Kellogg Institute

Calling all Kellogg Institute Alumni and Developmental Educators and Learning Assistance professionals-


The Advanced Kellogg Institute will be held July 28-August 2, 2019.

The Theme is "Addressing the Reform Movement".


Day 1- Dr. Hunter Boylan, Director of the National Center for Developmental Education, will speak about the many different innovations which make up this movement and the best ways to approach these to support student success and retention on your campus.

Day 2- Dr. Stacey Garrett, Appalachian State Higher Education Faculty, will present on promising practices for helping diverse student populations to successfully navigate the Developmental Education course sequence when these innovations are used as part of a campus curriculum.

Day 3- Katherine Mangan, Senior Higher Education Reporter at The Chronicle of Higher Education, will present on using the media to positively address the results of the Reform Movement innovations. 

Day 4- Dr. Toby Park, an Associate Professor of Economics of Education and Education Policy in the Department of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies, and Associate Director of the Center for Postsecondary Success at Florida State University, will present on the results of proper placement on students taking Developmental Education courses as a part of the Reform Movement.

Day 5- Participant presentations of Advanced Kellogg Institute Projects formulated during the Institute, with the help of Institute staff, to address differrent innovations positively on the participant's home campus.


The Institute fee is $600.00 for the 1-week Institute, room and board is at $271.83, and In-State tuition for graduate classes is $555 plus fees and Out-Of-State tuition is $1557 plus fees for the Advanced Kellogg Institute graduate course-HE 6541 Reacting to the Reform Movement, which is open only to Advanced Kellogg Institute participants.


2019 Advanced Kellogg Application


The topic for the 2017 Advanced Kellogg Institute was "What Does the Research Say Regarding Recent Innovations and Trends". 

Advanced Kellogg Institute is open to all Kellogg Institute Alumni and Developmental Educators and Learning Assistance professional

Deadline for applying is July 1, 2019.  

Contact with questions.

The Advanced Institute may be taken for three hours of graduate credit. This credit is applicable to all Appalachian State University graduate degrees. Those taking the Advanced Institute for credit will attend all class sessions, participate in class activities, and write a reaction paper.

For additional information, contact (828-262-2805).

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