Advanced Kellogg Institute

Calling all Kellogg Institute Alumni-


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The topic for this year's Advanced Kellogg Institute will be "What Does the Research Say Regarding Recent Innovations and Trends".

2017 Advanced Schedule: 

Day 1 - Wes Anthony and Dr. Hunter Boylan opening session

Day 1 - Chrissie Tillery-Washinghton DC Education Reform Update

Day 2 - Karon Klipple, Carnegie Foundation - Math Pathways

Day 2 - Amy Getz, Dana Center - Mathematics Pathways

Day 2 - Discussion Panel (Klipple, Getz, Bonham, Boylan)

Day 3 - Dr. Toby Park - Center for Postsecondary Success at Florida State University

Day 4 - Nikki Edgecomb - CCRC Research for North Carolina and Virginia

Day 5 - Presentations by Teams

Day 5 - Dr. Hunter Boylan


Confirmed Presenters:

Dr. Nikki Edgecombe, Columbia University, Community College Research Center will talk about CCRC's research and how it influences developmental education policy.

- Dr. Hunter Boylan, National Center for Developmental Education

- Karon Klipple, Carnegie Foundation. Karon is the Executive Director of Carnegie Math Pathways. She will discuss the project and the value of Math Pathways and what we can learn from the data. 

- Amy Getz, Dana Center Mathematics Pathways, will discuss the Dana Center's Mathematics Pathways project and how it will modernize entry-level college mathematics programs through working with state and regional systems. 

- Barbara Bonham, National Center for Developmental Education.  


Advanced Kellogg Institute is open to all Kellogg Institute Alumni.  Space is limited to 45 participants. Deadline for applying is July 1, 2017.  

Contact with questions.


The Advanced Institute may be taken for three hours of graduate credit. This credit is applicable to all Appalachian State University graduate degrees. Those taking the Advanced Institute for credit will attend all class sessions, participate in class activities, and write a reaction paper. The course is HE 6542-Applying Research in Developmental Education.

For additional information, contact (828-262-2805).

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