JDE Manuscript Submissions


We encourage scharlaly submissions to our Journal!

To help authors with their submissions we offer the following advice-

Be sure to include essential elements.

Please pay attention to manuscript length.

We look for the following manuscript elements: 




-Implications for Practice AND/OR

-Implications for Future Research


If a manuscript is missing these elements, we may not accept it for review. Authors will be given an opportunity to revise and resubmit in these instances. 

The optimal length of a Journal manuscript is 16 to 25 pages including all material, unless you are reporting original research.

We will accept up to 30 pages for original research, however, we ask that you provide ideas for reduction, as well as the reason for added length, in a cover letter.  

If your completed manuscript includes all references, includes tables and charts that conform to APA requirements, and is longer than 25 pages, it may not be accepted for review.

 Prepare documents according to our Author Guidelines. 

Manuscripts that are not accepted for review are often missing key elements, or they are done incorrectly.  To help authors avoid many of these issues, we have provided Author Guidelines.  

We also offer this Advice for Novice Researchers Who Wish to Publish Their Results 

  Some authors have found it helpful to review articles previously published in the JDE to get an idea of what is in a manuscript that has been accepted and published.

The following are a few of our Outstanding Article award winners.

 Vol 40, Issue 1 - (Fall, 2016) Boredom: That Which Shall not be Named

Vol 39, Issue 2 - (Winter 2016) Acceleration and Compression in Developmental Mathematics: Faculty Viewpoints


Vol 37, Issue 3 - (Spring 2014) Saxon and Morante Effective Student Assessment and Placement

Vol 38, Issue 2 - (Winter 2015) Armstrong, Stahl, and Kantner-Investigating Academic Literacy Expectations: 

The Evaluation Process

Initial Review

 Manuscripts submitted to the Journal are acknowledged and initially examined by the in-house editorial staff.

Board of Editors

Those considered appropriate are submitted to three (3) members of our international Board of Editors for blind peer review.

In 4-6 weeks, the board members will return their evaluation with one of the following recommendations:

(HR) Invite author(s) to revise manuscript; revisions needed are relatively minor in nature and can be
evaluated in-house; if revised, probability of ultimate acceptance is high.

(BR-1) Invite author(s) to revise manuscript; revisions needed are substantial and need to be re-evaluated
by original board member; probability of ultimate acceptance is fair to good.

(BR-2) Invite author(s) to revise manuscript; revision needed is a major undertaking and will be re-
evaluated by original board member; high degree of uncertainty exists concerning ultimate acceptance.

(NO-1) Reject manuscript in its current form but encourage resubmission of a materially different version.

(NO-2) Reject manuscript; this manuscript is not recommended for publication or further consideration.

JDE Editor

After returning from the first part of the evaluation process, the manuscripts then go to the JDE Editor. The editor will complete her own thorough evaluation, and taking into consideration the recommendations from the Board of Editors, she will make a publication decision.

The editor will make one of 2 publication recommendations: revise & resubmit or reject. This final decision will be communicated to the author(s).

Revised manuscripts may undergo review by the editorial board a second time; manuscripts will remain in the review process until a final publication decision is rendered.

  Please note:

Due to the loss of staff, as well as the ongoing impact of the pandemic, this initial evaluation process can take upwards of 9 months to complete. Our goal is to have a decision to the author much sooner than this, however, authors should be aware of the potential for a longer-than-normal process.


 Ready to submit?

Attach the required files in an email directed to our Publications Office Manager

Use "New Manuscript Submission" in the subject line.  

Manuscript Submission Checklist