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The Journal of Developmental Education will conclude publication in its current format as of June 2021.

Therefore, the editorial office is not accepting manuscript submissions for review/publication consideration at this time.

A restructured journal is planned for future publication by Appalachian State University in a fully online, open access format. However, any potential adjustments to the editorial focus, submission requirements, editorial board, and editor for the new publication are undetermined at this time.

Please check this website for updates, which will be posted as they become available, and consider the new publication as a potential outlet for future submissions.

We thank you for your support of the Journal of Developmental Education over its 44 years of publication.


What is The Journal of Developmental Education?

The Journal of Developmental Education (JDE) strives to address the growing need for information, research, and news of the field and to achieve the widest possible dissemination of this information. The JDE is published for YOU - the developmental educator seeking avenues to expand your professional knowledge and expertise in the field. 

The JDE is the official publication of the National Organization for Student Success (NOSS)-  the largest professional association for developmental educators (previously called NADE).


Vol 44, Issue 2 - Winter 2021 

Gateways, Not Gatekeepers: Reclaiming the Narrative for Developmental Education

By Barrie S. McGee, Jeanine L. Williams, Sonya L. Armstrong, and Jodi P. Holschuh

Respondents: Darolyn A. Flaggs, Michelle A. Francis, and Concetta A. Williams

Study Plans Promote Daily Review

By Tara Diehl and Regina Bobak

Beyond Skill: Students’ Dispositions Towards Math

By Wesley Maciejewski, Cristina Tortora, and John Bragelman

Supporting Excellence in Community Colleges: An Interview with Ed Leach

By Patti Levine-Brown and Barbara J. Calderwood

Expanding Approaches for Research: Interpretive Biography

Norman A. Stahl and James R. King 

Universal Design for Learning: UDL in Online Environments: The WHAT of Learning

By Lillian Nave


JDE Features

JDE Audience

Developments - Keeps the developmental educator abreast of the latest news from across the nation affecting the postsecondary developmental education community through a series of short reports.

Ideas in Practice - Details original and innovative classroom methods and teaching techniques for the practitioner.

For Your Information - Lists upcoming conferences, workshops, and meetings of interest to readers.

JDE readers include faculty members, administrative officers, academic officers, and many other professionals concerned with educating academically at-risk college students.

The JDE is published as a forum for educators concerned with the practice, theory, research, and news of the postsecondary developmental and remedial community.

Content focuses on basic skills education and includes topics such as developmental writing, developmental mathematics, reading, tutoring, assessment and placement, and program evaluation.

Emphasis is placed on manuscripts that relate education theory to practical teaching and learning, expand current knowledge, or clearly demonstrate impact on the field.


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The final printed issue of the JDE will be published in June 2021. 


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Some of our Outstanding Articles:

Vol 40, Issue 1 - (Fall, 2016) Boredom: That Which Shall not be Named

Vol 39, Issue 2 - (Winter 2016) Acceleration and Compression in Developmental Mathematics: Faculty Viewpoints

Vol 38, Issue 2 - (Winter 2015) Armstrong, Stahl, and Kantner-Investigating Academic Literacy Expectations: 

Vol 37, Issue 3 - (Spring 2014) Saxon and Morante Effective Student Assessment and Placement

Vol 36, Issue 1 - (Fall 2012) Goudas & Boylan-Addressing Flawed Research in Developmental Education



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