Dr. John Sevier

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Dr. John Sevier is a Senior Lecturer and coordinator of Graduate Teaching and Assistantships in the Department of Mathematical Sciences at Appalachian State University. Influenced by his love for teaching and helping students who struggle in mathematics, Dr. Sevier's area of interest and research is in developmental mathematics and ways to improve attitudes, beliefs, and self mathematical perceptions of students enrolled in developmental and co-requisite coursework. Using problem posing, Dr. Sevier researches to finds better ways to engage students with personal and relevant interests to bridge the gap between mathematical and relational understanding. His goal is to ensure that mathematics is no longer seen as a gatekeeper but an open door to countless opportunities. Dr. Sevier earned his Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction with a concentration in Mathematics Education from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, M.A., and B.S. in Secondary Mathematics Education from Appalachian State University.