Associates of the NCDE

Associates of the National Center for Developmental Education are individuals with a high degree of knowledge and experience in learning assistance and developmental education. They serve as adjunct staff of the NCDE and assist with consulting, research, and training projects by sharing their experience and expertise.

Leonard Geddes Leonard Geddes

Leonard Geddes is the Associate Dean of Co-Curricular Programs and Director of the Learning Commons at Lenoir-Rhyne University, where he works with faculty, staff and students to improve student learning and academic performance. Mr. Geddes' experiences include tutoring, working with student-athletes, assisting first-year experience programs, teaching college students, and providing learning assistance.

Mr. Geddes is an expert on learning improvement for college students. During the past decade, he developed The LearnWell Projects as a platform to provide practical, research-based support for college and university faculty. Mr. Geddes created the ThinkWell‐LearnWell™ Diagram, a metacognitive tool that helps students' develop deep thinking and learning skills. The diagram is used by colleges, universities and k-12 schools throughout the world.

In his work with the National Center for Development Education, he has provided workshops for the Kellogg Institute, the Appalachian graduate program in developmental education, The Louisiana Board of Regents, and the Chancellor's Institute of the Virginia Community College System. He is also a regular presenter at national and regional conferences such as the College Reading and Learning Association, the International Reading Association, the National College Learning Center Association, and the National Association for Developmental Education.

carroll Dr. Elizabeth Carroll

As Director of the University Writing Center and Associate Professor of English at Appalachian State University, Elizabeth Carroll teaches graduate and undergraduate courses in rhetoric and composition, mentors new writing teachers, and assists in the development of a new writing across the curriculum program. Her research focuses on the politics of literacy and education, the teaching of writing, and writing program administration. In her work with the National Center for Developmental Education, she has reviewed developmental writing programs at Rutgers-Newark and Bakersfield Community College, and she has served as an advisor for the Kellogg Institute.


suh Dr. Emily K. Suh

Dr. Emily K. Suh is an Assistant Professor of Developmental Education in the graduate program of Texas State University. Dr. Suh is an expert on language, literacy, and adult education and has published widely on the topics of diversity, inclusion, and language acquisition. She is both a scholar and an experienced practitioner having worked with low-income, first-generation, immigrant, and minority students in K-12, two-year, and four-year institutions. She is an active member of the National Organization for Student Success and not only chairs that organization’s Diversity Committee but coordinates the association’s Special Interest Networks. She is currently the President of the Indiana Association for Developmental Education. She is also a member of the Editorial Board of the Journal of Developmental Education and presents regularly at national conferences in the field.

Dr. Suh is currently working with the NCDE to study the self-perceptions and identities of professionals in the field. She also works with a variety of center research and training projects. She is scheduled to be a Kellogg Institute presenter beginning in 2020.